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Drop of kindness…


Small drop of kindness

I was early for a coaching session last week, so I grabbed a free coffee from Waitrose. I was browsing their entertaining brochure contemplating whether I could cook a whole salmon or was it beyond my culinary expertise.

I was perched quite precariously on a bar stool when I was tapped on the shoulder. My instant reaction was one of alarm, that something was wrong. In fact when I turned to face the individual it was a smiling lady with a young child.

“I just wanted you to know that your dress is really pretty and you look good”

“Thank you”

“I thought you were going to say something really bad”

 This act of kindness was so unexpected I did not make the thank you as gracious as possible. How brilliant to compliment a complete stranger.

Although I know “it is as gracious to receive as to give” – the stranger/danger tripped into my psyche all too quickly. My other negative thought was that some other malfunction may have happened with dress and barstool (which we have all done).

To the lady in Waitrose Rickmansworth Thursday 15th September, huge thank you. It was a wonderful thing to happen and I did go into my coaching session on a high. Created some great outcomes with my client obviously boosted by the drop of kindness.   At the weekend cooked the whole salmon!

Please do contact nuggets for private coaching to develop you…



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