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Create your own personal circuitry…


The brain works like an electrical circuit.  When we learn something new the brain creates a neurological pathway just as an electrical current travels through a circuit.  The more we use the same pathway just as with electricity the stronger the signal.

If you have a daily ritual this will be a well trodden route, a neurological pathway that is comfortable and easy to follow.  Driving your car everyday is a good example, you are not consciously aware of every stage as this pathway is embedded. This is the result of your brain circuitry being strengthened by daily repetition.

Therefore the more connections we make and the more we repeat the information the greater the retention.  Creating your own personal circuitry is important using other peoples suggested connections will not stick.

For example:- If you needed to learn the dates of Queen Victorias reign…

24th May 1819 – 22nd January 1901

  • (end of May near the Bank Holiday – 1819 – she came to the throne at 18 add a year to make 19).
  • End of January although the start of  a new year and only one year into the new century (and your Auntie Sheila’s birthday!!!)

Isolated facts are hard to register therefore make them easier for yourself by relating to any network of information in your brain as above.

Writing this blog every week has become a circuit and whilst the content is new every week the route of writing something every Monday has become a comfortable pathway.

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