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Breathe life into a value…


Values are at the very heart of your culture, which in a nutshell is “the way we do things around here”.

They should be “how” you work with each other internally and also how you relate to your clients, suppliers and anyone externally.

You never want your values to be a glossy sign that is so intangible that none of your team relate to them.  You need to breathe life into them, get everyone to visualise how they are played out everyday.

If you selected “excited” as one of your values, how can you demonstrate that on the tea rota, presenting to client and inputting data.

Integrity is the most common value selected by companies, which is a good thing for the UK culture as a whole.  However without breathing life into the word and asking your team how they demonstrate it, are you just putting a corporate stamp on political correctness.

Ask your team to provide a scenario for each of your company values.

We know that a picture is worth a 1000 words, so display your values as pictures.  They will be far more memorable and the selection of the images resonates with a group and becomes far more personal.

Values are not glossy corporate speak they are the very heart of your organisation and “the way we do things around here…” can lead to stunning results.

Breathe life into your values…

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