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What is your “Why?”…


We all know what we do and we can be defined by how we do it, however do we ever think about the “why” behind it.

Why is the reason we exist and yet how much thought do we put into it.  A lot of companies start their marketing message around what they do and yet the very centre of their existence is why they do it.  Customers “don’t buy what you do they buy why you do it” Simon Sinek from the book, Start with Why.

Sinek writes that Apple’s success is built upon the law of diffusion of innovation.  To achieve mass market success you want to sell to the 2.5% who are naturally drawn to innovation and then close the gap on the next 13.5% who are early adopters.  The word spreads and then you can hit the mass majority at 34% and then the late majority the next 34%.  There will always be a 14% who only purchase a touch phone as the bricks they bought before are now not available.  Apple believed in innovation and their why was more powerful than their what or how.

The why has to be visionary – you never heard Martin Luther King say he had a plan – “I have a dream” takes people with you on the why.

A dinner guest on Saturday works with young rape victims there is no what or how driving her to work in this field it is just why it matters to her as a person.

nuggets is defined by how the workshops are delivered however why I work in learning overrides everything.  To receive feedback on a change in behaviour due to a workshop is the greatest development and why I do what I do.

Please do get in touch if you wish to explore your why?



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