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What do you need to know about a Millennial…?


I am from Generation X, delivering workshops now to Millennials.  What do I need to know?   Do I believe all the stories about short attention span, lack of commitment and even the word “lazy”.

As a facilitator you guide the thinking in the room and you would never categorise people, so do I need to understand a Millenial.  Always keen to upskill I attended a workshop delivered by Alice Burks of Adaptis and this is my summary of what I learnt:-

  • What is a Millenial? = born between 1980 – 2000
  • Interested in career waves not career ladders
  • They develop themselves for industry not a company
  • Very good at knowledge harvesting
  • Ongoing learning is crucial
  • Want to be developed and stay
  • Project variety
  • Promotion
  • Top values for Millenials are:
    • money
    • security
    • time off
    • people
  • Don’t like being told
  • Reverse mentoring – believe knowledge is everywhere
  • Millenials want to lead

The list is refreshing as it is not that dissimiliar to our own generation and certainly as a Facilitator they would be the group you would want in the room.

In summary Millenials have come of age during a financial crisis, they are more connected with a global network and have been immersed in technological change. They want to be able to work in a way that suits their lifestyle and as leaders will encourage flexibility.  Ideally they desire personal values to be aligned with company values.

Please do contact for workshops and coaching in developing yourself or your team.





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