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The welcome you give says so much…


Do you judge a book by its cover?  Therefore why do so many companies lack the foresight to create a good welcome.  The word itself is important and should be displayed or used as much as possible in those crucial first minutes.

As a facilitator I visit so many different reception desks and you would be amazed at the lack of signage of the company you are visiting.

The large corporates sweep you into some enormous glass atrium where the security is so scary you think you are taking a long haul flight rather than a one hour meeting.

Large or small you can still make it personable:-

  • Does your reception areas display the word “Welcome” anywhere?
  • Do you have your company name on display?
  • Are the reception team welcoming – smiling/good eye contact and even better expecting the visitors for the day?
  • Go through security with your visitors, come down to reception, be with them
  • Always let visitors know where facilities are, however short their visit
  • Waiting areas should have relevant reading material and papers should always be that day
  • If you have a TV put the volume up
  • Provide coffee making facilities or offer a coffee

The ultimate is the reserved parking space and the sign in reception to say today we are welcoming…

Please do get in touch with your thoughts on a welcome 




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