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Fundamentals of caring…


The film the “Fundamentals of Caring” begins with a character completing his training as a carer with a list of fundamentals to underpin the role of the carer.  The do’s and don’ts before they begin working with clients.

In business how often do we take time to explain a role from the perspective of fundamentals.  As the definition below state, you could define the central importance of the job and attach principles and behaviours that are central to effectiveness and to your organisation.

Defining the word fundamental

  • adjective:- forming a necessary base or core; of central importance.
  • noun:- a central or primary rule or principle on which something is based.

I have been working a lot on organisational culture and a lot of teams could do with the “fundamentals of caring”:-

  • How are we going to demonstrate respect to each other?
  • How are we going to value each others work?
  • How will we connect with each other each day/week/month?
  • How will we show that we care about the companies success?

At the very core of culture are values and in essences the fundamentals of how you want your team to behave.

Outlining why they matter means they don’t come across as a do and don’t list.

  • Looking smart and professional when you are being paid to look after some-ones  money it demonstrates you care.
  • Being on time for meetings when you sell software for project planning.
  • No eating at your desk when you work for a property management business as you would never eat in their property, it shows respect and care.

It is not just our jobs that need fundamentals to provide a compass or a steer.  There are many areas of life where we need structure and fundamentals to underpin what we are about.

Fundamentals of being a Mother

  • To nurture and care for her off spring
  • To be a Cheerleader at all times – triumph and disaster
  • To listen at any moment and time however awkward
  • To provide guidance on every area of life
  • To be the best taxi driver

List the roles that you have in life and what do you have to lay as foundation to those  hats that you wear.

Underpin the whole week with the “Fundamentals of caring”

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