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Empowering you…


We put together five workshops which form the basis of how to work with a client when coaching.  Coaching is about evoking change within an individual, empowering them to take charge of their own destiny.

The five topic areas can also be used when managing a team member, to re-engage with them.

Take stock – evaluate how are you currently working

  • Look at the roles that you have in life – how many hats do you wear?
  • Create a pie chart to see where you are spending your time and another to see where you want to spend your time

Set goals – what do you want to achieve

  • Identify 2 or 3 goals
  • Be realistic as it must be motivating and not demotivating

Boost your power – new rituals and habits

  • Identify your routines that work and don’t work
  • Achieve 3 things a day that make the biggest difference each day

Clear the decks – identify relationships/tasks that do not add value

  • Map out peole that make you feel good and others who drain your energy
  • Identify tasks that are rework

Get confident – find your authentic self

  • Being you and enjoying being you


Please do contact nuggets to deliver the “Empowering you”workshops or receive a handbook of how to work through them.



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