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Making better decisions…


When making a decision have  you considered all the key elements and does your personality have a bias as to where you spend your time whilst making a decision.

  • Have you considered all the rules and policy, followed the process and rigour surrounding the issue?
  • Have you tested against your own values?
  • Have you looked at the impact on everyone involved?
  • Finally does the decision you make, seem financially and commercially viable?

We can make these questions even tighter by giving them labels and categories for you to think about.


The 4P model of making better decisions.  Take your time and work your way through each “P”.  Follow a structure will in inevitably give you a more illuminating view of the landscape.

If I did not have the 4P structure my personality would want to spend more time on the people and principles.  Be disciplined and allocate the same percentage of time to each “P”.

Making better decisions is a key leadership skill, for coaching or development please do contact


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