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Think in heartbeats not in minutes…


Think in heartbeats not in minutes…

Best work gets done when it needs to be done. You have to want it desire it and be ruthlessly intolerant. Only YOU are accountable to set money targets but also set time targets.

Success is about behaviour and only YOU can choose or alter it.

Your goals and your success are congruent to your behaviour, it is only YOU that pours in the levels of energy or enthusiasm.

Look at your week and think about what you want to achieve, see it visually on a white board with targets money and time.

Personalise some daily disciplines: –

  • Touch your toes for every year of your life
  • Eat at least two pieces of fruit every morning
  • Spend 6 minutes on social media everyday

Self-imposed routines should be as BIG as imposed

Respect your own time and others: –

  • Schedule calls no-one likes an unexpected call
  • Shut the door
  • Honour commitments
  • Make it happen

“Say yes to the universe today not tomorrow…!”

What should be done?

If you grade your tasks A/B & C what do they tell you?

  • A s will make the difference today and tomorrow
  • B s are the day to day stuff
  • C s never get done

Stop doing 

  • I don’t have to reply to every e-mail
  • Stop thanking people on twitter for following you

“Today ain’t over till tomorrow is planned”

“You will never get all of it done…”

“Success never comes in a straight line”

Recognise the things you can do best and let the other things go.

  • Think about using a Virtual Assistant
  • Bunch calls
  • Consciously plan your diary, take control and protect yourself

Time vampires

  • Liberate customers that sap your time
  • Always have an end time on your appointments

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