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Dishonest friendship…


Connecting with your friends and seeing their updates seems fabulous what could be nicer.  Smiling faces and shots of lovely exotic holidays and so many plates of delicious food.  In between the fabulous holiday snaps are some random posts of very harrowing stories and charities asking for money.

This is not a genuine or honest connection with your friends.  It is a rather odd snapshot into their lives.  It is almost like a celebrity in the press, it tells you nothing.

Authenticity is what is needed to build relationships and can only be achieved by the physicality of meeting up and being there.

There is often a competitiveness with the posts and an element of showing off.  This is not true friendship where you connect on a level and have a meaningful dialogue.

Therefore how can you make it work for you and glean the positive messages and filter out the noise.

There is humour and elements of genuine connection the more specific the post, the more meaning it may contain.

However will your children thank you in years to come for sharing their achievements Some once said to me “You will never find anyone who loves your children as much as you”, therefore I decided a long time ago not to share.

Is it possible to promote a business on these sites and share your products and services.  The more visual the business – then it is ideal.  Selling furniture and receiving likes for your images would be brilliant. This could be an honest and straightforward business relationship and therefore a true connection.

When you enter these sites be in a positive frame of mind yourself and think it is like flicking through a magazine and at its best a mere snapshot into the lives of your friends.

Use the posts as a platform to have a meaningful connection.








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