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Currency of thank you

We exchange “thank you” on a daily basis in various forms.  The currency of thank you is ever increasing and the value is never diminished.

The most obvious is the words being said out loud, nothing greater and better.

In your car might be a flash of your lights, acknowledged and welcomed as a great exchange.

Text messages use emojis as the currency of thank you, humorous and quick.

The old fashioned handwritten note involves time and effort however the personalisation is of huge value.

Within UK culture we often say thank you when in actual fact we have not even received any trade.  It is part of our language and therefore is currency of friendship and business.

Take time to do a thank you really well, make it specific to the individual and go even further to explain the value.  If you think of a monetary trade there would always be a cost think the same way with your thank you.  What are you grateful for and how is making a difference…?

Enjoy every exchange this week…and thank you so much to all my readers it is fantastic to receive feedback and encouragement.

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