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What Vs How


We can all work hard at what we have to get done and often just review what we have achieved.  How we went about the task or challenge can be more revealing about the overall performance.

It is the same balance between being and doing, which we often use as language in coaching to explain to a client where they might be.  The world demands that we constantly keep producing and that means “doing” getting stuff done.  Generating 100s of emails shows  that you are working on the “what” and the “doing”.

The “being” side is “how” we went about the work and how we want to be remembered.  The value of who we are as a person is all about how we work.

To focus more on how, carry out the following:-

  • Self review on projects
  • Seek feedback from others – on projects – meetings
  • Review yourself daily/weekly/monthly
  • As a team conduct wash-up meeting

How will last in the memory longer than What.

For a workshop on making the “How” matter please do contact


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