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Read the signals…


I am forever saying to my family read the signals.  We can gain a more meaningful connection if we look beyond.

Our emotional intelligence radar is about noticing the changes in behaviour of others.  When we observe people we have taken in the whole 100%.  Their physicality is the largest proportion of that 100%, it counts for 55%.  We are looking for seepage in their body language is their any leakage.

The leakage indicates a change in their state, how they are feeling about what you are saying or a trigger in their own head.  The signals of a change can be anything from a slight twitch, massive change in expression or a slight flick of the hair.

Tonality at 35% is another clue to watch out for, has their voice risen or gone softer, does it give you the feeling of discomfort.

Words and language give us the final 10% however they are not on their own enough to tell us what is going on.  We know so many hide behind emails as the words are not showing the signals.

I have witnessed many people trying to leave a course and others are not reading the signals and letting the person escape.

Be the best memory and not the worst, be intuitive and read the signals.

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