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Exposure of you…

I am not talking a streak through the office, there are other ways to get yourself noticed.

Studies show that we need to fit into the environment we work in, so the more you do within that space the more your face will fit.

Harvey Coleman studied the reasons why people get promotion and how in general individuals can feel empowered.  The results were set into three categories:-

  • Performance
  • Image
  • Exposure

If you perform exceptionally well at your job, you cultivate a great image and you are known by all the right people you will be successful.

Exposure or visibility equated to 60% of the success factor to getting promotion, so what they know about you before has the greatest impact.

Image follows on 30% and performance brings up the rear at 10%.  Obviously if you got the promotion and could not do the job you would ultimately be caught out.

In the meantime how can we make exposure practical:-

  • Take on more responsibility within your role
  • Volunteer for internal projects
  • Get involved in community projects
  • Participate in company sponsored activities
  • Visibly demonstrate a team player attitude
  • Be willing to learn new skills and experience different situations
  • Attend social events organised by the office
  • Be a fire marshal/first aider
  • Put yourself forward as team representative

So before you take off any clothes, have a look at the list above and take a more practical step to working your exposure.  Ensure you remain true to who you are and your values and most importantly be authentic.

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