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Values that work for you…

Living or leaning into your values can be life changing. We all need a sense of purpose and direction and finding values that resonate can provide a compass for life.

Brene Brown’s book Dare to Lead shows the way to find jus two values which completely define you and provide that direction we all need. The first part of the exercise is to identify 15 values that sit well with you. When you start to explore the 15 further, you might identify that some are saying the same thing and some might be too aspirational and some just not true to you. It sounds crazy but you can get this list down to 2.

Why only 2?

If you want to really lean-in then these 2 values:-

  • Define you
  • They are who you are at your best
  • They are the filter through which you make hard decisions

The second part of the exercise asks you to identify behaviours that support your values.

For example:-

Making a difference

Behaviours that support my value of “Making a Difference” are listening and being there physically and mentally. Through this value I want to make decisions that are right and kind.

The third part which gives the value even greater clarity, what are the slippery behaviours that are outside your value.

With the Making a Difference value it would be not listening and making decisions that are repeat thinking and not individualised or personalised.

You are also asked to provide an example when you were fully living into your value.

Making a Difference – changing a client’s thinking around how they see a situation and through coaching getting them to adopt new behaviours.

The final part of consolidating your values is finding a “Values Buddy” who really sees you?! They know the early signs of you living outside of your value, they know when you are fully leaning into it. They are your supporter and cheer leader.

Brene Brown’s website provides a pdf document for you to walk through, well worth the time and please do contact me if you would like one to one coaching

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