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Objective setting…

“What gets measured gets done…” Tom Peters

Objectives setting should be seen as an important exercise and not just an unnecessary layer of bureaucracy.

The scene needs to be set that everyone is involved and that they set their own objectives. Everyone needs to “Begin with the end in mind” – Stephen Covey, what do you want to achieve and how will you feel if it happens.

You need to get excited at the direction the objective could take you in. This will occur by taking an inside out approach, already imagining “What will be happening…?”

Also to understand the relevancy of the objective you need to reverse the psychology “What won’t be happening if I don’t set this objective?” This tells you whether it was realistic in the first place.

Stretch objectives takes us just a little further from our comfort zone this means we appreciate and value the effort to achieve. Setting an easy objective leads to complacency and does not move our performance within an organisation.

Objectives provide a story and a history of progression without them it is a book without chapters.

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Moving forward…

Employee engagement drives bottom line, however what does engagement mean and how do you help employees connect with the company.

Teresa Amabile and Steven Kramer co authored the book the Progress Principle which explored the question of when people are motivated and engaged at work.  They recruited 238 people across 7 companies, and everyday they completed a diary entry and a questionnaire.  After 12,000 days worth of data Amabile & Kramer drew conclusions from the information.

The most conclusive result was that people are most motivated when they are making progress on meaningful work.  The most powerful thing to excite, engage is moving forward even if it is a small win.  That is the progress principle.

The terminology the pair used in their book was “inner work life” – what moves you forward?

What was the most startling find was a negative impact can be 2 or 3 times more damaging than a positive move forward.

We therefore need to be most aware of our nourishers and our toxins.  These can be people and also environments.  Think about a place where you are really productive and a place with the opposite effect.  We make the choices as to where we spend our time and we need to ensure that we look after ourself by the environment we work in.

How do you keep yourself moving forward?

  1. Stay focused – know what you want to achieve
  2. Track small wins – write down what you want to get done
  3. Spend at least 30 minutes each day on meaningful work

How do Manager’s apply the Progress Principle?

  • Catalysts – Share clear goals, with milestones and quick wins along the way
  • Autonomy – Empower team members to take initiative and responsibility
  • Resources – Provide the right materials at the right time
  • Human support – Being there

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Being truly aware of who you are…

We have our own unique style and we leave a memory of ourselves in others.

The greater our self awareness is the ability to see ourselves with our own eyes.  We therefore need to understand the following:-

  • Goals – what do want to achieve short and long term
  • Beliefs – about ourself and others
  • Values – the bedrock of who we are as a person and what drives our behaviour
  • Drivers – the amount of energy and motivation
  • Rules – the discipline and rituals that guide us
  • Self talk – your inner voice that tells you that you can or cannot do something

Pulling all of these together you create a unique personal style, which encompasses your skills. You are aware of the impact of your physical presence on others as you have the same view as they do.  You know your energy levels empower others and your non verbal behaviour is comfortable and reasuring.  This is an example of an emotional intelligent individual with good self awareness.

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We are what we eat…?

Everything that we eat is what we are about, in terms of mind, body and spirit.  You can wrap it up by saying our overall well being is dictated by what we put in.

Whether it be food or  good thinking.

I was very lucky last Monday to attend a talk by Liz Earle MBE an advocate for well being.  The subject is far reaching, from labelling on food to how many hours we sleep and what is actually in sun cream.

Liz made sense and as an example of well being, looked amazing.

She was interviewed by a friend so the atmosphere was warm and comfortable.   Liz began by explaining her journey from journalist, to TV, creating the Skincare range and to her current work of writing and presenting on well being.

We make decisions on what we know and yet often we do not apply much thinking to what we are eating.  You could spend lots of time working out nutritional values however Liz made it very easy.  Think about what you are eating and what they have been eating, and then some things are just straightforward e.g. things from the ground.  If you know the route to your mouth and you are happy then you will enjoy your food.

Packaging to food is now very complex and often misleading.  Recently Waitrose ran a campaign on British Lamb it turned out the recipe was British however the lamb being sold was New Zealand.  We have to be take our own personal responsibility to look beyond the initial message.

Sleep is possibly a good starting point for well being and Liz shared the fact that 7.5 hours a night is the optimum.  Time before midnight is far more valuable than after.  So getting to bed earlier is more effective than staying in for that lie in the next morning. Banking sleep works in the short term.

As a nation we all need vitamin D and 20 minutes in the sun will possibly do us a world of good and the Liz Earle skincare range does not contain any SPF.  It is again about using the right tools for the right job.  If you want to protect yourself from the sun, use an expensive sun cream that does that job, don’t expect your normal skin care to do that for you.  This is true in business don’t expect your accountant to advise on your marketing.  Everything does the job you ask it to do.

Liz Earle has been incredibly successful in so many areas and one of her key messages was

“Be different – have a business that looks different”

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Current sisterhood…


I listened to Jane Garvey from Woman’s Hour speaking at a Girls school making us realise the highs and lows of being a woman in 2017.

Her own story is inspiring in the depth of self belief and determination.  She always wanted to be a broadcaster and sent 40 letters to radio stations with only 4 replies.  Garvey started as a promotions assistant at Radio Worcester. The role required wearing a tight t-shirt and handing out car stickers etc… in the 80s this was not really challenged.  Fast track to 2017 and wearing high heels at reception is being questioned.  Garvey went on to be the first voice of Radio Five Live and then joined the BBC to present Woman’s Hour.

In 2017, Woman’s Hour is going to be 70 years old.  When it was conceived it was “To provide company for the poor wretched Housewife”.  In 2017 it tackles FGM and looks at the struggles of international women.  Through the radio you are taken to other worlds and realise how far we still need to go to reach emancipation and equality with our male counterpart.

The early days the service of Woman’s Hour brought you:-

  • “What to do with whale meat?”
  • “How to hang your husband’s suit?”

The last item was deemed really important for family morale.

Equal pay is constant theme throughout the programme and most recently the Professor Mary Beard said that she was not paid as much as her male contemporaries.  When challenged by Garvey on air, she explained how lucky she was.  Sheryl Sandberg who wrote the book Lean In talks about women having this view of “grateful”.  Women ask other women to mentor them where as men don’t ask.  There is still a cloud over successful women as are they not deemed “likeable” the same question would never be considered with a man.

Woman’s hour is a magazine programme so often the links can be quite comical.  Garvey told the story of interviewing Gordon Brown about the election for 23 minutes and the next feed was “Is it ever advisable to go out without a bra”.  Brown made a very swift exit.

The audience of woman’s hour is an average age of 52/53 and yet the items are often more relevant for a younger audience.  The programme has fostered a trust with its listeners and they are encouraged to share the content.

We need to ask uncomfortable questions and follow the lead of Woman’s Hour itself.  Over the years it has been reinvented.  It is not just company now for the poor wretched housewife it is a voice of the future for women.


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The value behind your goals…


“To live is to choose, but to choose well, you must know who you are and what you stand for, where you want to go and why you want to get there.” Kofi Annan

You want to set goals and be focused about the year ahead, however where do you start.  Business will guide you towards the SMART goals which even before you have put pen to paper you feel disheartened.

Think about what is behind the goal what really makes you work towards them and why do you want to achieve them.

Values drive our behaviour so if before goal setting we selected the values we want to focus on we may stand a greater chance of reaching the goals.

We have so many values in place as they make up our personality.   Select 10 and write them down have a look at what they are saying to you.

  1. Happiness
  2. Success
  3. Fun
  4. Authencity
  5. Friendship
  6. Recognition
  7. Trust
  8. Passion
  9. Change
  10. Energy

There might be some that are similar or some that are really saying what the year is going to be.  The next step is to just select 3 from the list and see what they are saying about 2017.

  1. Change
  2. Energy
  3. Recognition

These values can then underpin a goal and steer it to make it happen.

  1. The business to change from being product led to client focus.
  2. We will be targeting new and existing customers with more vigour and energy.
  3. By the end of 2017 we want to have received an award for our client services.

To make the goal more robust write it down as follows and answer the following questions:-

GOAL:- Business change to product led to customer focus

Date to be achieved:- December 2017

  • Why do you want to achieve this goal?
  • What is holding you back currently?
  • How are you going to accomplish this goal?
  • What will be your reward to celebrate achieving the goal?

If 2017 were all about energetic, change and recognition it gives you the push to challenge every piece of work and attitude to make it happen.

From a personal perspective you could set 3 new values each month on the goals you wish to achieve.

  • January 2017 = Focused, energetic and enthusiastic

The most important thing about goal setting is to enjoy it!!

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Saying hello to 2017…!


“What are we saying goodbye to…?”


“What do we want to say hello to…?”

A new year can be great to focus on what matters most.  There are so many books and guides on how to set goals.  However keep it simple and stick at it and the difference for 2017 could be the turning point.

Think of three things that will make the biggest difference to you and your business:-

  1. Putting your fees up
  2. Working less hours
  3. Developing two new areas of the business

To focus on these three areas what do you have to say goodbye to and hello to.

If you put your fees up, you might have to say goodbye to certain Clients and sometimes this might be the maturity of the business and the right thing to do.  You are saying hello to being a credible business where you have identified your worth and you are charging the right rate for your expertise.

Working less hours also might be saying goodbye to certain areas of the business that you have been enjoying, however on reflection could be done by some-one else.  You may well be saying hello to more time with your family or learning something completely new.

Developing two new areas of the business may well mean dropping some less profitable parts and creating and saying hello to a new product or service.

I always believe “What gets written gets done” – write down just three things that will have the biggest difference.

A very Happy Christmas from the team at nuggets and we will be with you again in 2017.

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